Darrin Andrew Alder, who goes by the stage name Deago Forth, is an American Christian hip hop artist, songwriter, and record producer.  Darrin was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  He grew up in church where is grandparents were senior pastors and his grandmother was the church’s pianist, and his mother, a praise and worship leader.  Music has always played a major part in Darrin’s life since early childhood as he comes from a talented family of singers, rappers, songwriters, and musicians.


He started singing at the age of 5 in church along with his brothers and soon after that he took an interest in drums and grew up to become an accomplished drummer in his high school band also becoming one of the rotating drummer’s in his church.  His passion for music continued as he pursued and received an Associates Degree in audio engineering from Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC).


Alder credits his inspiration for writing and producing music to his gospel roots along with his early childhood days of singing and performing with his brothers in church.  His father, who also sang and played bass would often purchase and listen to various nontraditional and contemporary artists, and he also purchased the first of many Christian Hip Hop/Rap albums for his sons.  The boys listened to artists such as Daniel "D-Boy" Rodriguez, Stephen Wiley, DC Talk, and SFC to name a few.  Darrin started rapping around the age of 9 after watching his older brother David, who was about 12 at the time, who found a way to overdub and record himself on cassette tape using an old stereo and headphones.


Several years later, Darrin, his twin brother Dwight, and oldest brother David later formed a rap group named S.O.G. (Sonz of Glory) and released an early project (EP) in 2005, and in 2007 the group changed the name to "Carnal's Rejection" and released a full length album called, The Marathon, all while they aspired to be independent artists with their own record label, S.P.I.T.T. No Evil Music LLC.  In 2012, the brothers recorded their final single together as Carnal's Rejection, (Who Am I?) and this would appear to be the end of their musical journey.  Like many aspiring artists, the brothers faced many obstacles, setbacks and hardships while trying to pursue their dreams.


For several years, Darrin wrestled with the idea of letting go of his pursuit of writing and producing music, but he knew that music was still in him and most importantly he still had a message to deliver and that someone needed to hear it.  So he continued to write songs, produce, and believe in the vision to "go forth" as in Darrin Alder, "DA, Go forth,” and continue the mission and the dream that was truly God given.  The inspiration combined with a new determination resurfaced and out of that came a new name; he spells it Deago Forth, thus creating a moniker that is a play on words so to speak.


Darrin is now married with a family of his own and although he initially thought his journey to produce and create good music would've taken place over decade ago, he knows and has learned throughout the years that everything in life happens for a reason and that our times and seasons are completely in God's hands.  He is currently on schedule to debut his solo project titled, "BTRLT>NEVER (Better Late than Never)” under his new name, new purpose, but the same mission.  In his new project, Deago Forth has collaborated with various friends, family, and artists including his older brother David known as David Freeman on the project.


This is just the beginning of a new season for Deago Forth as he already has plans to move forward not only with new music, but a new label name, Voice Up Music Group.  Be on the look out for great things to come.